MDS’ 6th-generation HDMI 2.0b switcher-repeater module series with 4K video and eARC support. The T series consists of three variants: HSR-1T (1:1), HSR-41T (4:1) and HSR-82T (8:2). Designed around ITE Technology’s 600 MHz IT6634 HDMI transceivers, they support 4K @ 24/30/50/60 Hz with HDCP 2.3 on all […]


Effective October 2023, MDS is now a subsidiary brand of industry-legend Amplifier Technologies, Inc.


Our contact email remains: [email protected].



MDS does not sell nor rent customer contact information to anyone. Ever! MDS conducts all technical and sales discourse with each customer or prospective customer under mutual non-disclosure agreement. Individual customers may elect on their own volition to advertise, market or mention their working relationships with MDS; however, MDS does not disclose customer relationships to […]

6.2. Software Downloads

MDS product-related, software downloads


Most MDS products have their software distributed by an Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) system. Your support account information is also used to access the software download system. When you purchase a MDS product that comes with software you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the system. […]

1. Welcome Message


Since 1987 Momentum Data Systems has been delivering cutting edge DSP Tools, Hardware, Software, and Systems for a wide range of audio, video, and signal processing applications. Our staff of engineers represent over 150 years of accumulated DSP and media processing experience. Our knowledge of DSP/Audio/Video software, hardware, and systems has helped many MDS […]

8. Contact

Contact Us Both sales and administrative staff can be reached via email at [email protected] For all other inquiries please phone 714-378-5805

2. Products

MDS PRODUCTS MDS offers development systems, standard OEM products, and custom hardware and software engineering services. MDS’ products are currently used in consumer electronics, medical, industrial, and scientific applications. MDS hardware products feature DSP and media-processing devices from: Texas Instruments’ C674x/DA8x and C66 DSP+ARM A15/ K2G for audio DSP and AV Receiver applications; Analog Devices’ […]

7.3. Management Team

Management Team:


Morris Kessler – President and Chief Engineer Ed Jaeger – EVP Finance Robert McKinley – EVP Operations Stephen Brunner – VP Sales Jason Tatum – General Manager Natasha Brady – Inside Sales and Logistics Manager



7.1. History

Founder Founded in 1987 by Dr. Jerry Purcell, Ph.D, Momentum Data Systems has expanded from a software and consulting-based company into one offering a full range of DSP and hardware solutions. Momentum Data Systems unites a highly talented team of engineers and technical sales staff with specialist expertise in digital and analog systems design, DSP […]

7. About


Even in today’s hi-tech business, people matter. Momentum Data Systems unites a group of highly talented DSP, digital audio and video engineers, covering in depth and in breadth the fields of digital audio and digital video.

Momentum also sustains close technology partnerships with AKM, Analog Devices, Auro Technologies, Dolby, DTS, ITE Tech, NXP, Summit […]