Even in today’s hi-tech business, people matter. Momentum Data Systems unites a group of highly talented DSP, digital audio and video engineers, covering in depth and in breadth the fields of digital audio and digital video.

Momentum also sustains close technology partnerships with AKM, Analog Devices, Auro Technologies, Dolby, DTS, ITE Tech, NXP, Summit Audio, Texas Instruments—among others.


Momentum’s custom design services reflect this combination of skills, experience and relationships, with capability to undertake hardware and software engineering projects for DSP, digital audio and digital video processing. We have provided custom engineering solutions for a wide range of applications and industries.  Our audio and video hardware and software applications are used by some of the world’s most advanced companies, many of whom have won awards for their products.

MDS has a strong core of highly experienced engineers – most with over 20 years of DSP, real-time, embedded-related experience in a wide range of applications. MDS has the ability to “speak the customer’s language” in a number of areas such as automotive, consumer, scientific, medical, and industrial applications.

About MDS