Software Downloads

MDS product-related, software downloads


Most MDS products have their software distributed by an Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) system. Your support account information is also used to access the software download system. When you purchase a MDS product that comes with software you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the system.
Please choose the package to download from the following table. After downloading, unzip the file and from the Windows file manager run the file “setup.exe” to install the package.
Select the demonstration package to download
 DSPworks (883 K) Signal analysis and filter testing software
 QEDesign 1000 (1 M, version 6.3.2) Digital filter design software (optional code generators)
 QEDesign Conversion (785 K) Filter design for sample rate conversion
 QEDesign Multirate (799 K) Multirate digital filter design software

Note: There is no demo version of the QED-LITE (student version). The QED1000 demo can be used, but please be aware QED1000 has features not found in the student version, see the product comparison for more information.
The QED2000 package is the same as the QED1000 package but includes the ability to generate code for specific embedded processors and DSPs.
User’s of Microchip’s DSPic devices should see their website for a special version.