Hardware & Software Services

MDS offers system, software, and hardware consulting services.  We specialize in ADI, NXP and TI DSP and ARM solutions,  media/IPTV and video processors, H264 video encoder/decoders, and HDMI system and hardware design.  MDS has intimate experience with Auro-3D, Dirac, Dolby, DTS, MP3 and other audio codecs, as well as MPEG2 and H264 video codecs. Our DSP experts are able to not only optimize the software for resource-constrained architectures but also understand how to make algorithmic level optimizations.
Many projects can be based on existing hardware and/or software development platforms or customized versions of our OEM products, thereby reducing cost and development risk compared to starting from scratch.
MDS’ staff also has the background for feasibility studies and feature/impact analysis and has worked with some of the biggest names in the semiconductor business providing consulting and support services.
Please email us at [email protected] to have one our system engineers contact you for your project’s requirements.