2.1. Audio Products

Audio Products

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MDS offers a range of surround sound decoding modules and development systems that allow equipment designers to focus on their unique product aspects and avoid the high development cost and time associated with developing a fully custom solution.
MDS’ Digital Audio Engine (DAE) and Audio Processing (APM) modules can be combined with MDS’ HDMI switcher/repeater (HSR) modules to perform the core common functions in any AV receiver or surround processor platform.
In addition to legacy standard and high bit-rate (HBR) audio used by DVD and Blu-Ray players, MDS now offers support for Dolby Atmos®, DTS: X® and Auro-3D Codec object-based audio via new decoding modules and development boards.  An extensive list of post-processing algorithms are available to cover bass management, room effects, equalization, and room correction.
As the DSPs used in the hardware are fully programmable, MDS’ DSP experts can create new functions to allow customers their own product differentiation.
MDS also offers design and consulting services for supporting in-house design efforts at both the hardware and software level. MDS audio group can also assist with full system design as well as box level integration and testing.

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