2.1.4. DAE-82

DAE-82:  Low Cost audio engine for AVRs and SSPs

The DAE-82 provides a hardware and software solution for AV Receivers or Surround Processors that need to support both legacy and HD (Blu Ray audio) Dolby and DTS formats (7.1 ch).   While intended to be used in conjunction with MDS’ HDMI modules, the DAE-82 can be used in any type of audio application.
The DSP firmware is based around TI’s Performance Audio Framework and the modules come with a standard firmware configuration.
Versions without decoder software are also available for developers of custom Performance Audio applications.
The DAE-82 EVM offers a complete platform for evaluating the DAE-82 modules. Source code to an example audio control application is included, and is built on top of MDS’ AvCtrl Library, which removes a lot of complexity typically encountered in trying to develop Performance Audio-based DSP systems.


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