2.3.2. DSPWorks

DSPWorks Version 3


DSPworks is an easy to use signal processing package for Windows.  It provides an extensive library of DSP operations and functions for signal generation and processing.  It is intended to be used with QEDesign for digital filtering: DSPworks takes specified digital filters and allows them to be applied to generated or recorded signals.  This is especially important in testing IIR filters, where the filter response in practice depends on the signals which are encountered and cannot be completely determined theoretically at the time of designing the filter.  DSPworks also provides for special operations such as signal clipping, scaling, and quantization: all vital in real practical analysis of DSP algorithms.
Suggested applications:
The DSPworks software is an excellent general purpose tool for simulating and testing DSP processing. Its rich library of functions also makes it a useful tool for learning about aspects of DSP.  It is particularly well suited to testing of digital filters in simulation.



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