3.2. HDMI_Video Technology

HDMI/Video Technology


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The High Definition Multimedia Interface® (HDMI) has come to dominate the consumer electronics industry as the de-facto interconnect for carrying audio and video data in digital format between system components.
MDS offers a range of standard OEM modules for HDMI switching/repeater functions that allow audio system developers to use a standard product for the HDMI I/O and focus their efforts on their audio system (and for those looking for less development effort MDS offers complete audio processing solutions with our DAE and APM module series).
HDMI involves signaling at 6.0 GHz in the current HDMI 2.0 generation. Compared to the older S/PDIF digital audio link at a few MHz, special techniques are needed to ensure reliable data transfer at the rates found in HDMI systems.
Unlike prior interface standards,  HDMI is also combined with a content encryption scheme, HDCP, that increases the hardware and software complexity as well creating inter-operability problems over the basic HDMI data carrying interface requirements. To ensure the minimum amount of problems, MDS performs its own extensive testing as well as attending industry-wide “HDMI Plugfests” to ensure inter-operability against a wide range of vendor equipment.
MDS has extensive expertise on HDMI systems and in addition to standard stock products offers consulting services and design licensing to designers seeking to reduce development time, cost, and risk.  MDS has specific expertise with all key HDMI IC manufacturers’ parts.

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