2. Products


MDS offers development systems, standard OEM products, and custom hardware and software engineering services. MDS’ products are currently used in consumer electronics, medical, industrial, and scientific applications.
MDS hardware products feature DSP and media-processing devices from:
  • Texas Instruments’ C674x/DA8x and C66 DSP+ARM A15/ K2G for audio DSP and AV Receiver applications;
  • Analog Devices’ Sigma and Sharc for audio DSP and Soundbar applications;
  • ITE Tech’s HDMI interfaces and muxes for video switching and audio extraction;
  • NXP’s ARM and Cortex Micro solutions for audio decoding and Host applications;
  • Summit Wireless high performance multichannel wireless audio.
Momentum Data Systems’ staff of engineers represent over 150 years of accumulated DSP and media processing experience. Our knowledge of DSP/Audio/Video software, hardware, and systems has helped many MDS customers develop complex real-time systems in a fraction of the time and expense had they tried to do it all themselves.
All MDS products and services are developed with the goal of reducing time to market in product development. MDS specializes in a limited range of technologies and product families to ensure that we can offer significant expertise to our customers to solve the tough problems encountered in modern embedded system design.
This page lists all of our offerings in a single summary web page; to narrow your search please select one of the product categories listed on the right.

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